CURML Publications

List of articles published by CURML staff in international or national journals with an editorial policy and held in scientific databases (updated automatically) :

Warning : the list may accidentally contain publications that do not originate from the CURML. Consultation of the ISI W of K database requires access rights.

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To limit the selection on all html pages :

  • In Pubmed, on the right under "Filter your results", open "Search details". In the window, at the beginning of the line type the additional search term followed by "AND"
  • In ISI W of K, under refine results, select for example "authors more options", put a cross by the name you are searching for and click on "refine"
  • In Google Scholar, click on advanced search, add the required topic or additional topic in the window "Article containing all of the following words" then Scholar Search

Other databases for the scientific literature

  • PubMed Central : a file related to PubMed and proposed in open access
  • Swissbib :  fusion of catalogs of French and Swiss German libraries
  • Science Direct : Elsevier electronic plateform of unabridged texts
  • Uptodate : a clinical decision support system that helps clinicians throughout the world to provide the best patient care.