Unit of Traffic Medicine and Psychology

Courses offered by the UMPT :

The UMPT assists in the provision of "Fit elderly people behind the wheel" courses in collaboration with the TCS, the Automobile Service and the police.

In addition, it provides postgraduate training to general practitioners, consulting physicians in Geneva, assistant doctors (PMU, Lausanne) on the subject of "Driving ability".

Undergraduate courses are given to students of medicine (Geneva and Lausanne) and courses are also given to law students.

In addition, several members of the UMPT have set up and are part of the Collège romand des experts en aptitude à la conduite automobile (college of experts in the field of driving ability in the French-speaking part of Switzerland).

Finally, the UMPT takes part in courses organized by the Association of Automobile Services (ASA) regarding the cognitive aspects of ageing.

Main areas of research at the UMPT :

  • "Senior citizens behind the wheel and driving ability"
  • "Effects of drugs and alcohol at the wheel :
    • Epidemiological study of the risk of drugs, medicines and alcohol at the wheel. Financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)
    • Effect of cannabis on psychomotor tests and cerebral repercussions (functional magnetic resonance). Financed by the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of Lausanne and the Swiss National Science Foundation
  • "Study of CDTs as a marker of abusive alcohol consumption"
  • Project on “hypersomnolence at the wheel"

Some recent UMPT publications :

Published articles : document awith pubmed and fulltext links.

Examples :

  • C. Büla, S. Eyer, A. von Gunten, B. Favrat, S. Monod : "Conduite automobile et troubles cognitifs : comment anticiper ?" ( Driving and cognitive impairment: how best to anticipate ? ) - Rev. Med. Suisse 2011; 7: 2184-9
  • B. Favrat, SJ. Lambert, R. Selz, J. Ombelli, C. Pasche, P. Mangin : "Aptitude au volant : Quelle conduite pour les médecins en 2008 ?"( Ability to drive: which way forward for doctors in 2008 ? ) - Rev. Med Suisse 2008;4:1594-8

Meetings :

  • The collaborators of the UMPT participate and present their research during the triennal meeting of the ICADTS (The International Council on Alcohol, Drugs & Traffic Safety)