Forensic Child Psychiatry Consultation (CPPL)


The Forensic Child Psychiatry Consultation (CPPL) carries out, on its site in Geneva, the mandates of expert appraisals for minors and their families requested by the judicial authorities.

Fields of activity

The fields dealt with are the following:

Area of civil justice:

- Assessments concerning deprivation of liberty for assistance purposes (PAFA) (Court for the Protection of Children and Adolescents TPAE)

- Family assessments: parenting skills, child's needs, living arrangements, etc. (TPAE and Court of First Instance TPI)

Criminal justice field:

- Assessments concerning juvenile offenders (Juvenile Court)

- Credibility assessments (Public Ministry)

- Victimology assessments (Public Ministry)



Our services Who can ask for them?
  • Assessments concerning the deprivation of liberty for assistance (PAFA)
  • Family assessments: parental skills, educational curatorship, etc.
The courts
  • Criminal liability assessments
  • Expertises of credibility
The courts


Forensic psychiatry is carried out under the responsibility of Dr. Marina Walter-Menzinger, FMH specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy, assistant physician at CURML.

Composed of a multidisciplinary team, the Consultation of Forensic Child Psychiatry carries out all the forensic examinations that are entrusted to it. It collaborates with the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Service of the HUG, the Adult Psychiatry Department of the HUG, the Forensic Psychiatry Unit of the CURML, the Medico-pedagogical Office of the Youth Office, as well as with psychotherapists working in private practice.

Each year, the forensic child psychiatry unit conducts approximately 50 expert reports in the civil field and 15 expert reports in the criminal field.



  • Participation in the teaching of the Faculty of Medicine in the pre-graduate framework in the 3rd year and AMC
  • Participation in the post-graduate teaching of physicians and psychologists
  • Participation in teaching at the Faculty of Law in Geneva
  • Participation in teaching at the Faculty of Criminology in Lausanne

Research topics

- Catamnesis of family assessments at 4 and 6 years of age in the context of parental control


CURML, PL, Geneva site


Conferences et symposium 

EFCAP 2022
Parental conflicts: the child as silent victim