Who we are ?

The CURML welcomes you to its website !

  • Centre universitaire romand de médecine légale,
    Lausanne - Genève (CURML)
  • University Center of Legal Medicine, Lausanne - Geneva
  • Universitätszentrum für Rechtsmedizin, Lausanne - Genf

Located at the two University Hospitals of Lausanne and Geneva, the center dispose a workforce of about 240 employees, whose activities exert within the twelve units, specialized in forensic sciences:

1 ) Unit of Forensic Medicine, 2) Unit of Forensic Imaging and Anthropology, 3) Forensic Toxicology and Chemistry Unit, 4) Forensic Genetics Unit, 5) Unit of Traffic Medicine and Psychology, 6) Swiss Laboratory for Doping Analyses, 7) Violence Medical Unit, 8) Forensic Psychiatry, 9) Health Law, Ethics, Humanitarian Medicine,10) Facultary Unit of Toxicologie, 11) Facultary Unit of Anatomy and Morphology 12) Swiss Human Institute of Forensic Taphonomy