Swiss Human Institute of Forensic Taphonomy (SHIFT)

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The Swiss Human Institute of Forensic Taphonomy (SHIFT) started its activities on January 1, 2019. Placed under the authority of the CURML Management, SHIFT consists of an administrative organization based at the main site of CURML Lausanne (Chemin de la Vulliette 4).


SHIFT has four missions:

- To provide academic teaching and professional training in the field of forensic taphonomy and related sciences

- To provide advice and expertise to various public and private entities

- To develop scientific research projects in the field of forensic taphonomy and related sciences

- To manage the bodies placed at the disposal of forensic sciences





Head of SHIFT: Dr. Vincent Varlet - email

Secretariat: email

Respondents according to the themes:

Forensic Entomology: Dr. Jiri Hodecek - email

Anthropology and archaeology: Dr. Neghanaz Moghaddamemail

Forensic, animal, plant and environmental genetics: Dr. Luca FumagalliProfil UniLemail 

Taphonomy: Dr. Vincent Varlet – email

Any general question should be addressed to the SHIFT secretariat.