Humanitarian legal medicine Section

Head of the section: Dr Ghislain Patrick Lessène

The Humanitarian legal medecine Section aims to follow-up scientific collaboration agreements as well as the development of training projects for institutional actors (legal medicine institutes, universities, ministries of health, etc.) and civil society (ICRC, DCAF, CEJA, Psy Sans Frontières, Médecins du Monde, etc.).


  • Benin: Since 2018, the CURML has signed an agreement with the University of Abomey-Calavi of Benin for the strengthening of the academic training of forensic medicine and to welcome Beninese students and practitioners.
  • The CURML, in particular the Unit of Violence Medical Unit (UMV), facilitated a workshop for professionals of justice and medicine in Benin organized by the NGO Médecins du Monde
  • Burundi: Since July 2020, the CURML is providing technical advice to doctors and alumni of the CAS in Law, legal medicine and forensic Science in Africa for the creation of a national Institute of legal medicine.
  • Cameroon: CURML’s expertise has been sought by SoinsPsy Sans Frontières, an association of psychologists and psychiatrists in Europe and Africa, to assist them in the training in Africa. In February 2020, the CURML and the Geneva Justice Department carried out a Health-Justice Forum for Cameroonian judges, doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists.
  • Central African Republic: Since 2019, the Ministry of Health and Population signed an agreement with the CURML since 2019 for a collaboration in the field of legal medicine, ethics and medical law. The Ministry of Public administration has requested from the CURML technical assistance for the training of the Police and security forces in the forensic area
  • Tunisia: According to the MOU signed in 2019, the CURML is participating in the capacity building training of African practionners in legal medicine in Tunis organized by the ICRC. Other areas of cooperation are being studied.
  • African Society of Legal medicine: Since 2019, the CURML is participating in the African Society of Legal medicine Congresses. The ICRC and the African Society of Legal medecine have requested the contribution of the CURML to strengthen the dynamism of this organization in Africa.


  • The CURML has carried out humanitarian missions and expertise in several Eastern European countries such as, Poland, Belarus, Georgia and Kosovo.


  • Lebanon: In 2018, the Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance (DCAF) has requested the technical support of CURML to help the Lebanese government in the forensic field. In 2019 the CURML conducted a needs assessment mission and visited Lebanese institutions. The Lebanese stakeholders visited Swiss institutions the same year. In July 2020, the CURML submitted to the DCAF-Lebanon, a Proposal of procedures and Protocols for forensic reports in Lebanon for Lebanese actors. 

Crowdfunding CAS Law, legal medicine and Forensic Science in Africa

In order to support the African participants in the CAS, the CURML has decided to create a fund, which covers the registration fees. Any contribution can be made to the following account:

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