Faculty Unit of Toxicology (UFT)

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The mission of the Faculty Unit of Toxicology (UFT) is to federate the existing competences and activities in the field of toxicology within the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of the University of Lausanne. It represents an institutional interface between fundamental research, applied research, teaching, services and societal needs in the field of toxicological risk assessment at the individual and population levels. 


Areas of activity: 

The activities of the Unit are mainly focused on:

•    pre- and post-graduate teaching in the field of toxicology 

•    research and development in toxicology, promoting collaborations and sharing of resources

•    service by coordinating and improving the response to requests in the field of human toxicology whether they come from the authorities (DSAS, OFSP...), institutions (CHUV, UNIL), individuals or the media.

Collaborators : 

Head of the UFT : Aurélien Thomas, PhD., Associate Professeur (Tél. 079 556 77 52)

Research Manager: Federica  Gilardi, PhD(Tél. 022 379 55 78)

Unit Secretary : (Tél. 021 314 03 37)

The UFT also welcomes trainees (doctoral students, university interns and master students, laboratory interns, etc.) for internships and diploma work.