Hospitality and Communication Working Group (GTAC)


Noting an accelerated development of CURML in several different locations in French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino, as well as the arrival of new units within the service, the need to establish a common identity, to standardize the units and to respond to the various challenges related to reception and communication became apparent to the CURML management. The Reception and Communication Working Group was therefore formed in January 2017, based on volunteers among the staff. It now has 20 members, representing most of the CURML units.



The main missions of this group are to improve the various aspects of reception, both external (patients, partners) and internal (new employees, trainees), as well as to develop internal communication and strengthen inter-unit and inter-site links. The missions entrusted to the group are very varied and every opportunity to improve the service as well as the well-being of the employees is studied.



Since its creation in 2017, the GTAC has carried out a number of tasks, including: improving signage at several sites, setting up procedures for welcoming new employees and trainees, drafting a charter, improving internal communication via information screens at each site, and creating a CURML visual identity, among others.


WGCA Leader

Melissa Jotterand
Contact: +41 21 314 46 29


WGCA Referent Geneva

Emmanuelle Baratelli
Contact: +41 22 372 19 39


Group Members

  • Aleksandra Aljakna Khan
  • Andre Guerra
  • Carmelo Simili
  • Caroline Emery
  • Christine Roth
  • Claudine Darbellay
  • Emmanuelle Baratelli
  • Magali Dovat
  • Manuela Lagreca
  • Melissa Jotterand
  • Nadia Corali
  • Nicolas Concha-Lozano
  • Patrick Basset  
  • Ruben Soto
  • Sebastien Lenglet
  • Silke Grabherr