Forensic Psychiatry

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Courses offered by Forensic Psychiatry :

Our teaching activities are as follows :

Undergraduate courses :

  • APP Community Dimension, Psychiatry, 4 hours
  • APP Community Dimension, Ethics, 6 hours
  • AMC Forensic Psychiatry, 30 hours
  • Optional courses, 16 hours
  • Introduction to Criminology, Faculty of Law, 8 hours

Postgraduate courses :

  • Multidisciplinary Forensic Psychiatry Seminar, 12 hours
  • Medico-Legal Sexology, 2 hours
  • Expertise in Child Psychiatry, 6 hours

Continuing Education :

  • Forensic Psychiatry, course in preparation.

Paramedical course :

  • Nursing School, FSASD, Swiss Training Centre for Prison Staff, 20 hours.

Main areas of research of Forensic Psychiatry :

Research fields :

  • Evaluative Psychiatry in the medico-legal field

Ongoing research :

  • Credibility of allegations of child sexual abuse: Comparative study of the methods of intuitive, clinical and standardized evaluation (Niveau G., Berclaz M., Roth D., Dang C., Lacasa M-J.)
  • French translation and adaptation of different tools for evaluating danger, in particular the FOTRES, in collaboration with the team of Dr Urbaniok, Zurich
  • Exceptional derogations to medical confidentiality (Niveau G., Ummel M., Chiesa S.)
  • Personality disorders and criminal liability (Niveau G.)

Some recent publications :