Swiss Laboratory for Doping Analyses


Because to their deep knowledge of the doping problematics, LAD employees are often called upon to teach courses or seminars extra muros. The topic of such interventions varies from general themes about doping or the LAD to more specific subjects depending on the target audience.

Some of the given presentations may be available in form of a protected PDF file. In order to access it, please contact


Research and developments 

Outside of its usual analysis activity, the Lad is very active in the department of research and developments.

The main research goals are the following:

  • Because of its affiliation to the University of Lausanne, and more specifically to the Faculty of Biology and Medicine, the LAD must satisfy a few academic requirements. These include the achievement of research projects as well as the redaction of publications in scientific journals.
  • Rapid adaptation to the appearance of new doping substances in sport community in order to satisfy the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) and other various sporting federations’ needs. 


Current research projects 

The Swiss Laboratory for Doping Analyses is very active in the research area and in the development of new analytical methods. Each year, in order to complete these projects, scientists from the LAD have to find funding through various sport and administrative institutions.

Current projects focus mainly on the finding of new biomarkers which will then be added to the Athlete’s Biological Passport (ABP). 


Completed research projects

These last few years, some of the projects realized at the LAD were completed. The results and explanations can be found on the following websites.