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Courses offered by the UMV :

Courses cover theoretical, epidemiological and practical aspects of the problem of interpersonal violence. The disciplines involved include community health, public health and forensic medicine. Emphasis is laid more specifically on violence towards adults and children. "DOTIP" courses (screening, taking into care and counselling of adult victims of violence), are regularly offered to health professionals, socio-educational organizations and the police in particular.

The UMV proposes a CAS of training in medico-legal care in the field of interpersonal violence (in french). The objective of the CAS, the admission requirements, the registration cost and the dates spread out over year 2014 are indicated in this booklet. To register to the CAS, please fill in the registration form.

Main areas of research at the UMV :

  1. Children exposed to couple violence
  2. Couple violence
  3. Community violence
  4. Violence and maltreatment against the elderly


Some recent UMV publications :