Unit of Forensic Psychiatry

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Main tasks

The Forensic Psychiatry (PL) of the CURML carries out psychiatric expertises at the Geneva site at the request of judicial, penal and civil authorities. These requests come mainly from the Canton of Geneva, but also from other French-speaking cantons.

CURML, PL, Geneva site

  • Location : rue Jean-Violette 32, 1205 Genève (google map), (map search)
  • Postal address : Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4, 1211 Genève 14
  • Phone : 022 372 19 10
  • Fax : 022 372 19 29

Fields of activity

Its fields of activity are as follows :

Criminal justice :

  • Expert evaluations of criminal liability
  • Expert evaluations of dangers posed
  • Expert evaluations of credibility
  • Expert evaluations for the youth courts.


The activities of the PL are carried out under the responsibility of Dr Camille Jantzi, Psychiatrist, Senior physician, Agrégé. The staff consists of several psychiatrists and secretaries.

The Forensic Psychiatry unit conducts most of the criminal evaluations that are assigned to it. It delegates and supervises certain civil or insurance-related assignments in collaboration with other services: the Adult Psychiatry Service of the Department of Psychiatry of Geneva University Hospital (HUG), the Child and Juvenile Psychiatry Service of the HUG and the Medical Teaching Service of the Office of Young People.

The Forensic Psychiatry unit performs approximately  450 psychiatric expert evaluations every year.


  • Pre-graduate teaching on topics such as deprivation of liberty for assistance purposes, adult protection measures, treatment without consent, deprivation of liberty measures, criminal responsibility and evaluation of the risk of recidivism.
  • Postgraduate teaching: forensic psychiatry and expertise for interns in their 2nd and 5th year (FMH of psychiatry).
  • Participation in various courses in the field of ethics and psychiatry.
  • Collaboration with the Geneva Law Faculty in the teaching of criminology.

Research topics

  • Evaluation and validation of tools for assessing the credibility of statements by minors.
  • Identification and adaptation of tools for assessing dangers posed.