The "News" section lists the following information:

  • News : this subheading includes web news, press articles, interventions on the radio and on the television, as well as the main published papers, books, and book's chapters
  • News about the doping issue can be found on the website of the Swiss Laboratory for Doping Analyses "LAD"
  • Free positions : in this subheading, you'll find the vacancies that we currently offer and who to contact for information
  • Seminars of the CURML : This section contains the date, place, name of speaker and topic of next lecture organized by the CURML. You will also find the agenda of future conferences

Some additional information:

  • International representations : Since 2005, the UMV unit is delegated by the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG), to represent Switzerland in the "Network Europe" of the  "Global Campaign for Violence Prevention" of the World Health Organization (WHO